Balgownie Giving Policy

Balgownie Estate supports a number of community and charitable organisations with a focus on the following characteristics:

  • Access to and development in hospitality, wine & vineyard operations;
  • The Yarra Valley and Bendigo communities, their people, institutions and environment;
  • Our business and industry partners in hospitality and wine; and
  • Charities with mental health interest

To request support from Balgownie Estate in the form of goods, services, donations, gifts or prizes please outline your request in writing addressing the following points:

  • A clear description of your organisation and or event;
  • The nature of support you are requesting from Balgownie and any other support you already have in place;
  • The date of the activity or event;
  • Details of how your organisation intends to acknowledge any support/donations received;
  • Details regarding how your request aligns with the focus areas outlined above; and
  • Any additional information you would like us to consider relevant to your application.

Request support via our webform.

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